Monday, October 8, 2012

Our eBay and Etsy Month September 2012

I suppose it's about time I wrote something about this.  I was going to skip it this month, but why mess with success as they say.

September was better than August, at least as far as the bottom line.  But it was extremely ominous, and I did not like it.

We had more sales in August than in September, and our Gross dollar amount was higher in August.  But we had less expenses in September, mostly because of the way Etsy charges its fees.  Because of that our Net dollar amount, the amount we actually take home, what I think of as our profit for the month, was higher in September.   And based on that I say September was better than August.

That doesn't mean September was a good month.  Based on what I consider an average month to be, September, like August, was Terrible.  That's right, with a capital "T".   Sales, especially postcard sales, were down.

I don't know if there has been an eBay change that I haven't responded to, or perhaps everybody in America have collected all the postcards they want.  For the second month in a row our photo sales have exceeded our postcard sales.  That's fine, except we seem to be selling 50 to 60 percent fewer postcards than we used to.

We actually are weighting things toward Photo sales, and I think our sales are reflecting this, but the photos have not got to the point where they can carry the whole business.  At this point we still need those postcards to sell.  So, we'll have to see what happens.  Maybe there are some tweeks that can be made.

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