My observations may be suspect, my insights may be either interesting or shallow or both or neither, don't take my word for anything because it's quite possible I'm wrong, my writing ability is mediocre at best and my ability to write poetry does not exist, no matter how hard I try.  Also, I sometimes miss the meanings of books so if I you read any of my reviews, keep that in mind. 

And most importantly, I am not any kind of source of instruction for removing viruses, malware, rogue-ware, trojans, or any other malicious software from your computer.  I've described some experiences I've had, but it is very possible I missed a step or two - basing any attempt to remove malware from your computer on any experience I've blogged about is extremely dangerous.  If you have computer issues and don't know how to deal with it, take it to a professional.

In short, don't take anything I write in this blog as gospel about anything.   Please.  

That is all.

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