Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Thing About Valdese

Valdese is a small town. Bigger than the town I think of as my ultimate home, but small just the same. It is small enough that you can be fairly certain that when you see a group of people standing around talking, that they're probably not talking about anything too important. So its ok if you're walking your dog & suddenly she starts acting like a total freak, like there is some unknown voice or force or squirrel that only she can see and needs to bark at loudly, interrupting the gang slurping down their ice cream in front of Myra's, (or some guy who's pick-up truck has run out of gas and got a flat in my front yard????? Really happened, not sure how), acting for all the world like she wants to rip something apart, if only you'd release your grip on the leash. It adds a bit of interest to their day & keeps the conversation flowing. Pickles the dog just providing a public service.

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