Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our eBay (and Etsy) month - June 2012

Hmmm.........I need to write more in this blog.  Well, it's been a busy month.....  Anyway.

Basically our totals for June were almost the same as for May, which is to say somewhere between not too good and better than nothing. 

We actually did a little better in June, but the only reason we made more of a profit was because our expenses were less.  While that's nice, it's not really the hallmark of an expanding business. 

Our eBay sales were slightly higher for the month, and distributed a bit differently.   We sold more photos and fewer postcards in June than we did in May.   Our Etsy sales were slightly lower in June than they were in May.   Our overall business expenses were lower, and that is why we made a profit.

Our business expense was lower because we paid less postage, which again, is nice, but also indicates that we didn't ship as much.

But a couple of good things did happen.  We had several "multiple purchase" transactions, and our international sales jumped right back to what I consider normal levels.   We've started off pretty good international sales wise in July, so I hope that continues. 

The end of June was also the end of the 2nd quarter, so I can draw my quarterly conclusions, I suppose.   We did much better in the first quarter 2012 than we did in the 2nd quarter.  However, 1Q 2012 was 2nd best quarter we've had since I've been keeping these types of records (since 2009).  We also did not do as well in as we did in the 2Q of 2011, but guess what, 2Q 2011 was the 3rd best quarter we've ever had, only slightly off 1Q 2012.  Both quarters were dwarfed by 4Q of 2011.   I've kept these records for 14 quarters now, and our last quarter results were slightly below average.  I suppose I was spoiled by 2 straight quarters of much higher than average sales.  

Last year's 3rd quarter was pretty bad, not the lowest we've ever had, but pretty close.  I'm hoping this years 3Q results will be better.  Stay tuned.