Thursday, September 2, 2010

By special request - Farmers Market Vegetables.

During summer & early fall Valdese has a farmers market a couple of times a week.  It typically consists of a handful of people selling produce they grew.  Their stalls are the back of some pickup trucks parked in shady spots in a small field behind Mrs. Powell's old buildings, and across from the current (soon to be former) town hall, near the corner of Faet & Janavel.   What is available varies, but usually you can get basic vegetables and possibly some home made bread. 

Last Friday, Patti Anne bought these, and a few other things.


Patti Anne said...

Thank you! Thank you! That big old yellow tomato did not taste nearly as good as I thought it would.

Bianca Castafiore? said...

I lived for a while in Goldsboro, NC, when a teenager, and I don't remember a formal farmers market, but there was something called a "curb market."

There was a lot of prepared food. I think the biggest draw were the cakes -- you could buy a quarter or a half cake. I remember, especially, extremely sweet yellow cakes covered with extremely sweet caramel icing. Big flavors.

Side-of-the-highway fruit and veggie stands stood in for Farmers Market fresh and local quality. We often shopped them with my stepmom's mother and aunt, both great thumpers of melons, sniffers of cabbage. I can smell the warm brown paper bags full of beans, corn, "mortgage buster" tomatoes...

And, invariably, that meant speed sessions of stringing and husking, talking all the while, catching up with one another.

Thanks for the memories... From my urban vantage point, it sounds like a pastoral fiction now.

A Valdese Blogger said...


Bianca: It's funny what can trigger memories, isn't it? Thanks for the comment. Well, I can attest that Valdese is not pastoral fiction, though perhaps it should be.

Heather said...

Well this post made me hungry!
The last town we lived in had a little store that sold produce at super cheap prices, but so far here in this little town I have found nothing but a friut stand. Lordy, now I want a salad!