Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My trip to Wal-Mart

Today I took a field trip to Walmart (Walmarts as they say back home) in Morganton.  It was uneventful.  Nothing odd happened.  Kinda boring.

I needed to get some prescriptions refilled.  I had called them in yesterday, and a recording kindly said, if I had no objections, I could pick them up today.  Fine with me.

I have these prescriptions filled for 90 days, so this is a once every 3 month trip.  I could not face going to Walmart in Morganton every month.  The parking lot alone is a daunting place.   I wouldn't even get my prescriptions filled there - but they are cheap.  So I brave the parking lot, brave the aisles & all those people & all that stuff that's in there and go get my medicine, so I can remain my normal medicated self at a reasonable price, more or less.

I suppose I could have them mailed to me, but there's a little person in the back of my head that says a trip to Morganton every now and then is a good for me.  

While I was there I decided to look at some fun stuff, which to us guys means electronics.  Walmart of course is famous for censoring music, or more accurately of forcing people to censor their music if they want to sell it there, so I never buy any Walmart music, but I figure a TV is a TV, a computer is a computer.   So I went and looked.  And then left.  It wasn't that fun after all.


livintheblues said...

actually it can be fun Walmart is one of those great people watching places..:)

Heather said...

Back before Walmart became a huge major shopping place I used to have fun going and dreaming over things, but now it is a go in and get out alive experience!

A Valdese Blogger said...

livintheblues: Yep, reckon its all in the mood you're in.

Heather: I usually go there with a purpose, these days, so I know what you mean.