Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dogs of the Greater South Avenue Area, an update

I have to do this update every year or so because nothing remains the same.  The dog population in the Valdese's Greater South Avenue Metropolitan area is a moderately fluid one.  So here goes.

First there's old Pickles, the Valdese Dog herself.  Part bluetick & part lab, she thinks it is the most natural thing in the world for people to tell her she's a pretty dog.  One little girl, commenting on Pickles' coat, noted she was "all ticked up".  And I guess she is - she has the markings of a bluetick.  Personality wise, she's more bluetick than lab, but I'm not sure that explains anything.   She has a very good barking voice, and is one of the more routine oriented animals I've had the pleasure of knowing.

A new dog in the area is Lilly - a German Shepherd/Labrador mix, very friendly & a very pretty dog.  She's all black except for a white star on her chest, but her ears and face look more German Shepherd than Lab.  She and Pickles seem to get along pretty well.  Lilly still has those sharp needle like puppy teeth, and huge paws that she'll grow into.

Next to Lilly is Skipper the Rottweiler, and next to Skipper is Marly the Jack Russel like dog.  Next to that Marley is another Marly, this one a yellow Lab, and she is a new dog.  She's been over to play with Pickles and they seem to have a good time.  This Marly is still a pup, but is really quite mellow when left to her own devices. 

Next to Marly is old Black - a big black dog that is old as the hills.  He sometimes wonders on to our property and Pickles goes ballistic. Thing about Black is, he's old, and being old, he's in no hurry.  Chances are he doesn't know - or perhaps he doesn't care that he's annoying the heck out of old Gnarls Barkley.   There is a dog that lives with Black, and I believe his name is Dick, though we just call him Little Black.  He's small, of indeterminate breeding, and was lost for a couple of days last week.  He's back now, safe and sound. 

Polly, who used to live close by, has moved.

Then there's the two Yorkies, Teddy and Rocky (I think), and a poodle named Ginger.  Ginger is an older dog, but she's new to the area, and an addition to Teddy & Rocky's group - they seem to be a happy threesome from what I can tell.

Also new is Betsy, who seems to have never met a stranger.  She's a small dog, but she's run and jumped in my lap before, while we were sitting out on the front porch.  I'm not sure what kind (if any) of dog Betsy is, but Pickles seems to like her.  Betsy has no fear.

Petie is still with us, and he barked at me the other day.  It surprised me because it's been awhile since he's hurled one of his banshee like barks my way, I thought he'd gotten used to me.    He's a small white dog, not sure what kind. 

Sampson, a big ol' (and thankfully friendly) dog has moved on.

Pedrone is a white (and deaf) pit bull, who seems to be good natured.  He looks strong enough to pull down an oak tree if he was a mind to, but whenever Pickles and I walk past him he just looks at us, if he bothers to pay attention to us at all. 

Can't say the same about Lucky Bear though - this is a black dog that's chained to a long run - and she acts like she'll tear us apart.  I've been told that she and Pickles has been nose to nose with no ill effects, but I see Lucky Bear as a good deterent to venturing onto that property. There are 3 or 4 other dogs associated with the Lucky Bear family, but I don't know their names.

There is also a Pup across the street (more or less), a brown and tan dog, large paws, but we've not been properly introduced.

Case is a dog I've met that lives just past South Ave, a Bischon Frise.  Pretty little dog.

And I haven't seen 'Tino (short for Valentino) the dog in a long time, so I don't know what happened to him.

There are dozens and dozens of other dogs I'm aware of from my Valdese travels, but these are just the ones I've come in contact with that are pretty close to South Avenue.  It's a lot.


Patti Anne said...

Thank you for the doggy update!

Heather said...

Wow! That is a lot of dogs. Sounds like pickles has a lot of friends.

A Valdese Blogger said...

PA: You're welcome.

Heather: It's a ton 'o dogs!