Monday, June 27, 2011

Pickles the Dog Vents

It's hot these days, and even tho the dog and I take our walk in the morning (2 miles, give or take), the heat and the humidity are quite evident.  

We have several routes we can take, but I've found that on most occasions I'm following the path with the most shady spots.  When we pass from sun to shade the change in temperature is quite noticeable, at least to me.  Of course humans perspire differently than dogs, so I don't know if Pickles notices it as much.  But I sure do.  I do know that if given a choice of laying down in the sun or the shade, she'll pick the shade every time.  Me too, for that matter.

No matter what, when we get back from these walks, sweat is literally dripping off me, and the dog is involved in some very heavy panting.  We've both developed an after dog walk routine - I stand under a ceiling fan and luxuriate in the cool air blowing down on my sweat covered self.  Pickles plants herself right over top of an air conditioning vent.  She does that so much now that we say she's venting.

After a couple of minutes we both go somewhere else.