Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

This must be the era of strange dreams for me, I seem to have them every night.

I took my pickup truck in for its North Carolina state inspection today.  There were several other people in the small waiting room chatting with each other.  As I listened I thought this could easily be Kentucky.  Had I been in the same situation in South Dakota, I probably would not have thought that.

Yesterday Ricky Skaggs, John Glenn, Nelson Mandela & I had a birthday (along with about 1 in every 365 people or so on the planet).  I wonder if any of them thought about me, 'cause I thought about them.

If you happen to read this, your life is just that much different that it would have been had you not read it. 

When you're driving and you see other people in other cars, do you ever wonder what their lives are like?

In the same vein, if you go to a restaurant with someone, do you ever wonder how different your perception and experience would be if you had sat where the other one was seated?  In fact it could change the perceptions and experiences of every person in the place.   Maybe just a little, maybe a whole lot.  Who knows?

Pickles the Dog is goofy.  No two ways about it.

Back when my life was spent in a cube, I was prepared to lead a worker's revolt against motivational speakers & writers.  Now I don't care.  Stephen Covey, you're safe.  From me at least.  Good luck to ya.

So ends my Tuesday thoughts.


Patti Anne said...

Whew! I am safe once again. No thoughts about wives, not directly at least. Poor Steven Covey! He just tried to make a buck.

Karen said...

I am a people watcher. I often wish I could stop people and ask them about their lives. If I really did, stop them, I might end up in a looney bin. LOL

linlah said...

"If you happen to read this" that's a good point.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Patti: You're always safe.

Karen: Yeah, I could never bring myself to go up to a stranger and ask about their lives. It's a lot easier to just make up lives for them.

linlah: Unfortunately, I wonder about that kind of stuff.