Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our eBay Month - February 2012

Sometimes sales are just plodding along and you think it's going to be a struggle to even be an average month, then all of of sudden the flood gates open.  This is what happened the last few days of February.

When the dust settled, we had out sold January - which was a pretty good month.   Not by too much, but it counts.  And we blew away February of 2011; we had more than 25% higher sales than a year ago, which is pretty good. 

Never can tell when the sales will (or won't) come.

The number of postcards we sold were about average, but we received more for them than we usually did.  I'm not sure why - some of our postcards cost more than others, of course, and I guess those sold well. 

Our photograph sales were strong, and when we have a good month photograph wise, we generally have a good month period. 

We continue to have repeat customers & also customers who make multiple purchases, and I take that as a good sign.

Our international sales were also strong, which is a good sign.  We were forced to increase our international shipping charges for many of our items because of USPS increases, and I was worried this might cost us some international sales.  Apparently not - at least not yet.

However - and this will be another blog post in a day or so - we've made a major decision about how we are going to do business going forward, and it is a major change for us, and a bit of a risk.  My unstated, un-detailed & undefined goal (pipe dream?) is to roughly double the amount of gross income we generate in a average month.  The problem is doing that without doubling the workload, because I really don't want to double the amount of time I spend doing this.  However, this was not the reason for our change, I'm just sort of hoping it's a result.  More on all this in a day or so.

So put February 2012 in the "it was a good month" category, and move on.


linlah said...

Yea for a good Feruray hope the trend continues in March and throughout the year.

A Valdese Blogger said...

linlah - howdy, haven't been posting to much, glad to see some people still checking it out. I hope the trend continues too.