Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flu Shot

Got my seasonal flu shot today - at the lovely Food Lion Supermarket - a place where at least 1/4 of the people are insane 1/2 the time.   I don't really like going in there, but at least I wasn't buying groceries.   In the aisles, between the shelves, amongst the rows of food is where most of the insane things in Food Lion happen & I avoided that.

So anyway, this is the seasonal shot, and as far as I know there is very little if any seasonal flu going around right now.  Swine flu is another story, there's quite a bit of that about, but there's no vaccine available for it yet, at least not in these parts.  

When I was standing in line, I noticed that almost everybody else in line was older than I am. That made me feel good.  And when I got to the table, they didn't even ask if I had medicare, which made me feel better, since I'm nowhere near old enough to qualify for medicare.   Not even close. Closer than I was last year I guess, but still, not close.  

So, I'm protected against something, for awhile at least. 


Patti Anne said...

So, did you feel "Spry" when you left there?

A Valdese Blogger said...

PA: Nope, I felt like I had been put on display for a couple of minutes.