Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its an oven

It is surprisingly hot out. It's not that the temperatures are inordinately high, 90's, even high 90's are normal this time of year. But it is also very humid and the combination can be dangerous especially if you're old. Or young. Or don't drink any water. Or are alive. I walk the dog in the "cool" of the morning, cool compared to a BBQ pit maybe. It doesn't make much difference - the sweat rolls. Salty sweat stinging your eyes. Ummm, lovely North Carolina in the summer time.

Of course it seems to be this way everywhere these days.

I wonder how it is in Germany. One year when I was stationed in Germany, as far as I was concerned we didnt have a summer. I remember wearing a jacket on the 4th of July. I remember low gray thick clouds in June, and weeks of drizzle. I remember 2 weeks in August when it finally broke 80, and it felt really nice. I missed heat terribly, I missed a 100 degree day in the summertime.

Those days have passed. No more Germany, Augsburg & Munich are gone, never to return.

At one time, I was as familiar with Munich as I was any city in the world. I was familiar with different sections of the city, I knew my way around by foot, train, bus, strassenbahn & U-bahn. I didn't have a car most of the time I was there, so I experienced stuff a bit more intimately than I otherwise would have. Most people there spoke English, but it didn't matter - I knew enough German to survive, even learned some colloquialisms, which probably sounded funny coming out of the mouth of someone like me. Anyway, I could walk in anywhere and get some goulash soup, a big piece of hard bread & a beer, no problem. Very filling.

I dont know how a blog post starts out about the weather in North Carolina, and ends up about simple but filling German meal.


Heather said...

One thing leads to a memory and then another...Staying on topic doesn't always have to happen.

Yumm, goulash! Yuck, hot sticky weather.

linlah said...

My brother was station in NC and said the humidity compared to Panama was horrible.