Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Thoughts Nov 5, 2011

Time once again for some thoughts.  Don't really have any, but here goes.

This is North Carolina, it should be 70 degrees or so right about now, but it's not.  That bugs me, I like warm.

We go back to standard time very early tomorrow morning.  I'm not going to worry about it.  Daggone people messin' around with time, like they're some sort of Einstein wannabe or something. 

I dont think time really exists anyway.  Clocks and calendars measure days and hours, but days and hours are not time.  Days and hours are measurements of the passage of something we call time, but really isn't time. 

Gravity does exist, however, and it freaks me out.  So strong, yet so weak.  How can it hold the moon and not crush me?

I don't even have an inkling of an understanding of the universe. 

I dont even understand why, no matter where you are on planet earth, the ground appears to be below your feet and the sky appears to be above your head.  

I have found that the most interesting things are frequently the things that didn't seem interesting at all at first glance. 

Thru the medium of television, I've discovered that we could easily afford a home in a backwater village in southern Italy (especially if we could live without heat).  Bergen, Norway is a completely different story.  I don't think we could buy a place there, at least not without some sort of job.  And you'd surely need heat, though maybe not a/c., not sure.

In Minnesota, there's a joke about a Norweigan (Or Swede, take your pick) who loved his wife so much he almost told her.

Pickles the Dog thinks that she is a good dog.  She also thinks that she is a pretty dog.  Righ now she is where she always is this time of night - zonked out on the couch.  She barks if she hears something unusual, so that's worth the price of dog food.

I don't like shaving.

I love rhubarb pie.  No strawberries please.  Putting strawberries in rhubarb pie is like putting coconut in banana pudding.  Don't need it.  Even more importantly, don't want it.

Fine grit sandpaper is a phrase I could live without.

This is about all the time (rather what we call time) I have to think of things this evening.

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