Sunday, April 1, 2012

Books I've read lately.

I've been remiss lately in fulfilling my compulsion to write something, anything, about what I read.  I've not even been updating the book on the sidebar.  So, I'll have to mend my ways.  So here's some thoughts on books I've read lately.

I read The Devlin Diaries by Christi Phillips.  It is essentially about two mysteries of sorts, which take place 340 years apart or so.  One is set in the reign of King Charles II, and the other in present day Cambridge.  Its a story of professors, historical research, a 17th century serial killer, the modern day death of a much disliked professor and so on.  I liked it. I thought it was very well written (though I did find an editing error - where her 17th century character replied to the modern day professor), and it was a good story.

I also read The Day I Died by Steve Sjoregren, which is a true story about the author's botched surgery and it's aftermath.  The author is a hard working pastor of a large church in Cincinnati, and seems to be a nice guy.  The operation was scheduled gall bladder surgery.  I know what a person with gall bladder problems goes though, I apparently had gall stones etc and I was sicker than I've ever been in my life.  Pain, vomiting, and more vomiting, even when there was nothing to vomit.  My body found something.  So as much as surgery is not a fun thing to do, I can see the necessity of it. 

So anyway, the surgeon made a mistake right off the bat, making an incision at a wrong angle and too deeply.  The incision ended up cutting through a bowel, and cutting an artery.  The author very nearly bled to death and was technically dead, was revived, and at some point later was technically dead and revived again.

Can someone be technically dead?

He spent a long time heavily medicated, in and out of consciousness, and saw things which he interprets religiously. 

Personally, I'm very glad I didnt read this book before I had gall bladder surgery.

So the first part of the book was interesting.  The last half turned into a motivational type book - how to be a better father, husband, friend, etc.  I really do not like motivational books.  Maybe I have no desire to be motivated.

Next I read Against All Odds by Tom Clancy.  It's about what you would expect - military special forces, people being killed on every page (usually their heads explode), world-wide conspiracies which range from Pakistan/Afghanistan to Mexico & a lot of stereotypes.  It was a fast, easy read, good story and I expect it will be a major motion picture some day.  It's very typical of the type of fiction Tom Clancy writes.


Patti Anne said...

There was a 1984 movie by that name starring Raquel Welch. I doubt it was a Tom Clancy book, though.

Bianca Castafiore? said...

I've got to learn to stop reading several books in a row by the same author, particularly if it is a character series. I've been reading Jason Goodwin's "Investigator Yashim" novels, three of them with nothing to clean the palate in between... The third one is probably much better than my short temper will allow. Everything seems too familiar and overstated (Gee, I wonder *why*?). It's been fun -- but good grief, I need to stop doing that to authors!
Found myself muttering last night, "Goodwin! You described the Hagia Sophia in intricate detail in each of the first two books, do you really want to go there again, hmmm?"

I appreciate you fulfilling your "compulsion." Makes me stop and consider my own! Happy reading.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Yep. The Tom Clancy book was the first of his I've read in a while, but as I read it I felt I'd read it before.