Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Just another post of a short series of stuff.

I still like twitter better than facebook, I think (still) because it's more anonymous.  In twitter I literally only know a handful of people I follow or who follow me - a half dozen (it was so hard not to type half a dozen) at most.  In facebook almost everyone I follow or who follows me are family or friends.  I don't want family and friends finding out about the real me.  I mean, who would?

Are there degrees of identical-ness?  I made a comment the other evening that two items were "barely identical", which seemed silly at the time.  Its like being barely pregnant.  However, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  Everything that is identical is just barely identical, because if one minute thing was different, they would not be identical.

Still not comfortable with the difference between affect and effect, no matter how many times it gets explained to me.

I still continue to read, but I'm behind in updating my reading in this blog.  And heaven help me, I picked up another Robert Ludlum book, but only because someone literally left a bunch of books on our porch (we have kind of a reciprocal agreement going - I think).

Here in Western North Carolina, we're on the edge of a storm.  I believe it is passing to the east of us, and heading north, which means it will be bad for those in it's way.  Here it is just overcast, cool, off and on sprinkles, and a very lazy day for Pickles the Dog.

I tweeted about this yesterday.  On TV there is a show about million dollar rooms.  Some guy was bragging about how he'd spent over a million dollars just on the entry foyer to his home.  Another had a $250,000 bullet proof window in one of his rooms.  And here I am happy as a clam when I sell a postcard for $5.00.

Actually a couple of weeks ago we sold a CDV for about $50.00, and I was 10 times happier than a clam - even though it's possible it was worth quite a bit more than that.  

It's interesting he felt the need to have a bullet proof window.  But this is the USA so it figures.  And I bet, just like in the case of identical-ness, or even more so, there are different degrees of bullet proof-ness.  What I'm saying is, it all depends on how badly someone wants to shoot a bullet though his window.  Since this IS the USA, I'm sure there is a gun and a bullet for the job, no matter the window.

We continue to move postcards from eBay to Etsy - more on that grand experiment later.

I miss having a cat.  I'm not sure a cat would mix well with Pickles though.

Enough.  Done.


Patti Anne said...

A cat would mix quite well with Pickles, too well, exceedingly well. If you don't want the people who know you to know you, who should know you - a stranger already? Bullet proof glass and he lives in a glass house - go figure.

A Valdese Blogger said...

1) not so sure...
2) but strangers never really know you
3) he must sell a lot of postcards