Friday, May 9, 2008

Main Street, May 9, 2008

So what's going on on Main street? Just a glance from the Wachovia Bank parking lot is enough to make you think. Valdese Video is going out of business - how did that happen? It's a tanning place as well as a gym & they always seem to have customers. Valdese Antiques & Collectibles is now Cornerstone. 122 Main street is for rent. I think that was the place that sold toys and made purses etc. I thought someone had rented that & it was being fixed up, but guess not. There was a dance studio coming to main street, but it went a way because - I think - they couldn't get the building fixed up in time. Too bad, because it would have brought people into town. Mrs. Powell's buildings have been condemned & are now under new ownership - not sure where Mrs. Powell is, but all I'd have to do to find out is ask. I suspect two of the buildings will be torn down, I hope the brick one at least will be fixed up. There's a nice grassy tree shaded area on main street (I'm sure a building used to be there), but the trees have been chopped down. So I guess it's not tree shaded anymore. I've heard there are plans in the works for it, but who knows. Ronald's Computers moved down the street & I think a photo studio or something is in his old location. Major Electric is moving out of town. This is a two block area in a small town, one and a half really, and all these things have happened in the last few months. And that's just all I know about from a cursory glance from the Wachovia Bank Parking lot. Has it always been like that? I've only lived in Valdese 11 months now, so I dont know. If it has, then people ought to take pictures.


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Very cool! You should update this each month or two.

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