Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stuff around the house # 3 - some plant cuttings

These are some plant cuttings on the window sill of our kitchen. This is another picture I took with & without flash, just to see what it looked like and because digital cameras have really cheap film. This was the one without flash - the flashed washed all the color out of the walls, though it did sharpen up the bottles.
Shooting a subject in a window is problematic in the best of circumstances. In the old days of 35mm cameras, back before everything was so automatic, I could get around this by taking the light sample in the area just below the subject, and setting apeture/speed accordingly, then focus on the subject (in this case the bottles & the plants) and ignore the light meter. The last camera I was competent enough to do that with has long since been retired. In some ways going digital is a step backwards, but it is much more convenient. I pretty much take what this camera gives me and it does ok for the most part.
Anyway, plants in bottles on the kitchen window sill. More stuff around my house.


TrishaRitchieNC said...

Pretty! I like the colors and the composition! I would like to see the other picture just for comparison.

Anonymous said...

nice plants!

Dori said...

Nice photo! I just love the blue bottles. I have always had a love for blue glass. :-)