Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Love The Kitty Cats, by Pickles the Dog

This little poem is from a poster Patti Anne saw a long time ago. Patti Anne told Pickles the Dog, our half maniacal Blue Tick/Labrador Retriever Mix about it while we were on our way to the post office today, and Pickles made up her own little poem based on it. It goes like this:

I Love The Kitty Cats
by Pickles the Dog
I love the kitty cats,
They's such a special treat,
I like to nibble on they haids
And chew they tiny feets.
First a caveat. Pickles is a North Carolina dog, straight out of the mountains or somewhere close, she has no formal education and speaks English the best she knows how. She speaks English the way the other dogs she grew up with speak it. So give her a break on the pronunciation and grammar, she does the best she can.
Now, having said that, besides sharing the house with the slightly maniacal Pickles the Dog, Defender of the House, Chewer of Bones and Killer of Rats, we also share the place with Snowchief the Cat. Snowchief the Cat is 16 years or or so, and still going strong. I've had him since he was small enough to put in my shirt pocket, so he has a LOT of seniority on Pickles the slightly maniacal dog. The cat has free reign all over the house, the dog does not. We've set up cat sized escape routes, just to the cat can get away from the dog, if it so chooses. Even though Pickles insists on "playing" with the cat, the cat it turns out can handle himself pretty well. Pickles isn't mean, just maniacal. But still, when Pickles repeated her poem to us, we had a little sit down, to make sure she didn't repeat it to the cat. Who wouldnt have cared anyway.
Snowchief, by the way, is a gray and black striped tabbie. He has no white on him to speak of. He was named after a winner of the Kentucky Derby awhile back. He's a good cat, even if he is a bit of a Nazi when it comes to mice.

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TrishaRitchieNC said...

The original poster was by Kliban, who wrote a comic strip. It was the Blues cat, sitting on a stool, strumming a guitar and singing -

The Mouse Blues

"Love to eat dem mousies
Mousies what I love to eat.
Bite dey little heads off,
Nibble on dey tiny feet."

Pickles, of course, didn't bite the rat she brought us. But, she does try to bite the poor cats leg now and then.