Friday, December 5, 2008

A Present From Pickles The Dog

Well you never know what's going through that ol' dog's mind.

A couple of days ago Patti Anne took Pickles out, and let her run. We have a big enough area where we can let her run loose for a while and the dog seems to enjoy it. She usually stays close, and if by chance another dog catches her attention, she comes back pretty quickly. We can usually get her back with half a medium sized milk bone. We frequently call her over within our grasp, give her her treat then let her go again, just so she knows she's not going to get leashed up every time she comes over to us.

If you have no treats, the next best thing is to not pay attention to her. Pore ol' dog, she cant last long, usually within a minute or so she's running over to say hi.

Sometimes she runs to the top of a bank close to our house and sits there watching to see what we'll do next. She likes us to run around and pretend like we're trying to catch her. The fact that sometimes we are trying to catch her, just adds to her fun.

But a couple of days ago was a first for Pickles, and has got a title added to her name. This time, Patti Anne let her loose, and the dog took off. She ran straight for a neighbors house, underneath their deck, then there is confusion about where she went next. She reappeared between some neighbors houses running at break neck speed to our front door. When she got there, she dropped a dead rat on our welcome mat.

Not a mouse, but a full size, and from the looks of things was alive a few minutes earlier, rat. I have a picture, but decided to spare the world. It's not really that gross, but who wants to look at a dead rat?

So what was she thinking? Was she imitating a cat? Was she trying to thank us for her food and warm place to sleep? She has never done this before. Now I know what she'll do if she ever catches a squirrel, and I have new respect for Snowchief the cat.

So anyway, Queen Pickles Anne had earned herself a new title. She is now Queen Pickles Anne, Defender of the House, Chewer of Bones, Killer of Rats.


TrishaRitchieNC said...

I just took her out for her evening stroll, and on the way back she made a quick lunge and stood on top of the garbage can. She still wants her rat back! Even though it is a very nicely frozen rat. QPA! Now she IS spoiled!

Lindsay said...

Oh Pickles! Ha. I guess she was just bringing a treat back to "her pack."

Mountain Woman said...

Thanks for sparing us the picture :) You have to admit she's very talented.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Trisha: The rat is gone, long live the rat!

Lindsay: I know cats will bring back food, but not sure about ol' Pickles. Could be, but I don't know.

Moutain Woman: Pickles is indeed talented. One of her best talents is barking at other dogs from behind the safety of our living room window.