Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow removal efforts in Valdese

Valdese is generally a warm weather type of place. Even the winters are mild. Even today, though the place is still blanketed in several inches of snow it made it to the low 40s. That's the problem. It should be making it to the 50s with 60s not out of the question, and the lows should be above freezing.

This is what should have happened. It snowed - it always snows at least once a year - then the next day it warms up and the snow is gone. That's the way it should be, and until this year, that's the way it was.

The first snowfall of the year was the biggest snowfall I've seen in my time in NC. And it's not going away.

We don't have a snow shovel. We have a shovel with a flat edge that can do a passable job, but it's not a real snow shovel. Its very good that we have 4 wheel drive, or we would not be able to get out to South Avenue.

Ahhhh, beautiful South Avenue - its like Alfred Hitchcock's concept of an Art Nouveau postcard. Everything looks benign, but there's just a tinge of creepiness about the place and you can't quite put your finger on it. You wonder, what's really happening in all those houses?

Anyway Valdese's snow removal efforts would cost the mayor of a large northern city an election. They have not invested heavily in snow removal equipment, which I suppose is a responsible non-investment around here, most times.


Patti Anne said...

Well, Sharon A. has filled my head full of reasons for you to think there's plenty going on behind South Ave. doors. The usual - murders, drugs, sex, rock'n'roll. Suicides, overdoses, shoplifting, etc. etc. And that's just in recent years!

Ahh, but it feels like home!

A Valdese Blogger said...

PA: Its a regular ol' Peyton Place out there in the cold cruel world.

Heather said...

If it was to ever snow like that here in Texas the city would shut down! We have no snow removal equipement!