Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things that happened this morning

The dog leash broke, right at the corner of Arnaud (which is an alley) and Faet.  Pickles came across something invisible in the road she wanted sniff of, gave a tug and I found myself holding a leash with no dog attached.  The latch had pulled right out.  Pickles did not realize she was loose, however, or she would have made a break for it and had a great time.  I was able to secure her again with no problem, but I thought walking a mile or so like that back home might be an issue.

I called Patti Anne, who promptly got lost looking for me.  The street I was on, Faet, is one of those that is in several non-connecting sections, apparently.  Very European.  It was warm, so Pickles and I were hanging in the shade, rather than venture out to the corner in the bright, bright, sun.  But Valdese is not that big of a town, so I was eventually discovered without too much trouble.

Patti Anne's mouse died - her computer mouse.   It had lasted several years.   So I ran down to the computer shop on main street to buy a new one.  I had to wait for a few minutes because Ron, who owns the shop, was talking to the policeman in a really cool unmarked Dodge Charger.  Someone passed Ron a bad check for a pretty good sum of money, and he was none too happy about it.  So we commiserated about that for a minute or two - and I paid in cash.

Then I "lost" my cell phone.  It was just a confusion thing.  Turned out it was in the vehicle.  But then I came within an inch of putting it thru a wash cycle - which would have made the 3rd phone I'd done that to this year.  But I caught it in time, so all is ok. (Please don't tell Patti Anne!)

It's been pretty calm since then.  And I think we're going to get some Chinese. 


Anonymous said...


Patti Anne said...

This shows Faet Street:

It is really many streets. They should have renamed it.

I didn't see the part about the cell phone.

Heather said...

LOL!! You two are soo funny!
You got lucky Pickles didn't realize she was free, I wouldn't have that luck.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Grace: LOL indeed!

Patti Anne: What Cell Phone?

Heather: Pickles was so intent on sniffing whatever it was I couldn't see (or smell) that she didn't realize that she had complete freedom for a few seconds.

linlah said...

Hope your fortune brought you some luck.