Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I've Noticed About Movies & TV Shows

In movies, especially, whenever anyone comes home from grocery shopping they're always carrying a paper bag with a loaf of French Bread sticking out of it. 

Almost no one goes to the bathroom.  Occasionally they do for comedic or shock value, but it's not a normal everyday thing like it is for everybody else.  One exception was Pulp Fiction, where John Travolta's visits to the toilet seemed to be part of the story.  But as a rule, movie people are a non-excremental species.

In movies people can take all kinds of falls without getting hurt.  I've got some news - skidding on concrete hurts.

Ever watch 24?  The whole series is supposed to be about a 24 hr period.  But no one seemed to get tired, hungry, or have the above mentioned need to go to the bathroom. 

In most movies no one ever just stops or starts a car.  They burn rubber, slam on breaks, you can't start or stop in a movie without squealing tires.

-- an aside.  I watched a lot of The Soprano's and I noticed that whenever Christopher showed up at your door unannounced, nothing good was going to happen to you.  Didnt matter if he was smiling. 

In the movies a person can be gravely wounded and shake it off, but as soon as someone tries to bandage the wound, it suddenly hurts.

The movie world is a very violent place, and no one seems to run out of ammunition, no matter how much they shoot without reloading.

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