Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Five Thoughts

I cant think of anything to write so I'll just jot down a couple of things I've been mulling over.

First. Have you ever noticed that when people get together, physically, virtually, or just about any other -ly, someone is going to want to organize things? Someone is going to want to define some purpose for the grouping or influence people to act in some way? These people are called leaders, and they're pretty damn irritating.

Second. Have you ever tried to write a lymeric that was not at least suggestive? Lymerics range from mildly suggestive to down right vulgar - that is their function. It's hard to write one that is completely clean, especially if it has the word Nantucket in it. But, I've been kicking it around for a while, so here goes:

A scrawny old gal from Nantucket,
Carried her stuff in a bucket.
She marched around town
With her face in a frown,
And said, "This is heavy, let's chuck it".

Ok, it's a first attempt. I know it doesnt make sense. And the fact that I was trying to keep it clean really built a wall around things.

Third. I dont listen to enough music. I used to listen to lots of music, and my taste ran to fairly traditional hard driving rock and roll, though I do like blue grass and traditional country, the type of country music you dont hear on the 'normal' radio stations. Music wise, I won't shut the door on anything, but I'm not listening to it as much anymore. I listened to my one and only White Stripes CD a couple of days ago, and I remembered how much I liked it. So what happened. Where's the music gone? Why don't I have a radio going or play it on the PC when I'm working?

Four. Its a lot colder than it used to be. I know, define cold. Well it used to be in the 90's now its in the 60s, getting down into the 30s at night. That's cold. It aint right, I tell ya.

Five. I've written about language before, the type that I grew up with. A good movie that has the accents and such down fairly excellently is "Slingblade". I was watching it the other day, and was thinking how familiar it all sounded, speech wise. Children speak differently than adults. People with more education speak differently than people with less. It's very subtle sometimes, but it's there. I grew up among people who said "tote" instead of carry, and "pail" instead of bucket, and "slick" instead of "slippery", who turned an ending vowel into an 'e' sound - so that Sara would be pronounced Saree, and even 'you' could be pronounced 'ye', if you listened carefully. My mother grew up in "Tina, Kentucky", but it was pronounced "Tiny". Anyway, Slingblade is a very good movie. Not always pleasant, but very good.

Ok, enough of this. I'm tired. I'll work on that stupid ol' limeric later.


Patti Anne said...

There once was a boy named Leo,
Who thought he'd write poetry Gee-o,


that's all I could come up with. not much rhymes with Leo. even worse is "Patricia". try rhyming anything other than "I wisha", which was in that stupid 60's song. "Patricia, how I wisha ...".

The Author said...

Loved the limerick. I can't rhyme worth a darn.