Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two unreleated thoughts

Just two unrelated thoughts here, at sometime past 10 PM on a Friday evening.   Its amazing how many other unrelated thoughts have suddenly decided to spring forth, but I shall stop at these two, except I think I just forgot one.

Well, I'll start with the one I remember, and then maybe I'll remember the one I forgot.

1st Unrelated Thought:  I just heard today that the Galaxy Fresh Air Supermarket in Valdese is closing.  That'll leave Food Lion, a truly scary place, as the only grocery store of any kind in town.  There are a couple of convenience stores, but no "mom & pop" grocery stores or anything else to offer an alternative to the big chain.   I don't like going into Food Lion.   Even Galaxy has a touch of Alfred Hitchcock in it, but it can't hold a stick to the horror of those Food Lion aisles.   I don't know when it's closing.  It was someone else's conversation, so I just left.  But it's soon.

2nd Unrelated Thought:  I just remembered.   I have no use for motivational speakers, or writers of motivational books and stuff like that.  Teachers, instructors, coaches, etc are ok.  But not people who make speeches or write books who's sole purpose is to motivate someone to do a better job.  I spent too many years in a cubicle sweating droplets of blood trying to modify or maintain computer systems, so I don't fall for it.   Although I do have to hand it to them, they've figured out a way to make money without doing anything productive.  

As I said, lots of other thoughts have suddenly entered my conscious realm.  But I'm going to let them go. 


Patti Anne said...

I will miss Galaxy, too. It's a lot cheaper than Food Lion.

I don't care one way or the other about motivational speakers. I used to buy lots of "self-help" books. Then kind of gave up on being helped. I'm just me.

Kathy said...

Can I just say Galaxy Fresh Air is the coolest name for a grocery store? I've never heard of it (I'm on the east coast). Good luck with the Lion.

Ivanhoe said...

I'm going thru one class like that in college right now. It's called Investment in Success. Boring, but have to get through it for the credit :o)

A Valdese Blogger said...

PA: We agree. More or less. Unless that's bad. Then, we don't agree.

Kathy: Galaxy Fresh Air is a cool name for a store. And when you walk in there, it can be other worldly, you know, if you think about it. They're around here in NC, I haven't noticed them anywhere else.

Ivanhoe: Yikes and double Yikes!

Thanks for the comments!

Patti Anne said...

I went to Galaxy today to see what was left. A lot is gone already. Then I found out the closing is at the end of June, but the 10% off sale starts TOMORROW, not today! Bummer. Oh, well, I needed food anyway.