Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feedjit (or jeet yet?)

Since I can't think of anything to write about, I guess I'll spout off about FEEDJIT.
FEEDJIT, among other things, provides a list of where the people who access "A Valdese Blog" come from.   I just thought it would be cool to look at and wonder about.  I've had it on the blog for a long time now.
FEEDJIT also captures my computer location, when I log on.
Well, almost.
So far, my computer has physically been in the same place nigh on 2 years now, but FEEDJIT has had me in towns all over North Carolina.  FEEDJIT at one time or another has said I'm located in Cary, Rockport, some place in the mountains, some place near the beach, and a couple of other places I can't remember.  Currently it says I'm located in Smithfield, but I don't really know where that is.   At least it's kept me in North Carolina, usually within 200-300 miles of my real location,  so on a planetary basis it's pretty close, more than good enough for government work, I suppose.
I know I have the option of changing my location, and once I changed it to Valdese, but FEEDJIT changed it right back to something else as soon as I logged out.  This has to do with cookies and such, I'm sure.  
We have DSL, so I figure it's the phone company's fault.
Anyway, I've come to the sad realization that I don't really know where anybody who reads A Valdese Blog is located.  Not that it matters.
I no longer accept FEEDJIT as an accurate reflection of any kind of reality.
It's just an illusion.   Just words.  Cyber hallucinations.  Just monkeys throwing darts at a map.     Just a cat stalking an imaginary butterfly.  It's like a cool breeze that never quite lives up to it's potential.  It's like an unsigned birthday card.


Patti Anne said...

well, at least you're in the right universe.

Smithfield is outside Raleigh, about 300 miles from Valdese.

Ivanhoe said...

That was way too technical for me :o)
Just if you were wondering I'm in Cleveland, OH...

Da Old Man said...

For some reason, I occasionally show up as Reston, Virginia. Which is really odd since I have no idea where that is. I'm a few states away, so that is even more odd.
I'm actually in Central NJ.

Steve said...

Just to check your calculations, I looked at my visit and it was right on the money. It said United States. A little vague, but accurate. lol

j said...

I've been in Berkeley (actual location), San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, and San Mateo. At least these are within the general area though. I use Statcounter, but I don't blame it for the inaccuracies. I blame AT&T.

A Valdese Blogger said...

PA: Thanks for your geographic knowledge of NC. And speaking of the universe, I'm sure these signals bounce off the occasional satellite, so I wonder why we never show up as being in low earth orbit?

Ivanhoe: Howdy! I was in Cleveland once. I remember there was a lot of water there.

DOM: Reston is a suburb of Washington DC. Or perhaps a suburb of a suburb. Lot of high tech companies, out toward Dulles airport I think. Expensive.

Steve: It's interesting that it can pin you down to the United States. I'll get out my dart throwin' monkey, and see if I can get a little closer.

Jennifer: I think you're right. It think FEEDJIT picks up a switchbox location or something. In a place like Valdese, that could be hundreds of miles away. It's the phone company's fault!

Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the dining room right now. . . but hold on a sec.

I moved the laptop into the kitchen - did my location change?

As best I can tell feedjit always knows where I am - even though my bio says I am in 'Neath Lake, NY (i.e underwater).

A Valdese Blogger said...

Koe: You must be in the FEEDJIT zone.

Bianca Castafiore? said...

I came cruising into Valdese as I was searching for some clarity about the mysterious Feedjit, a service that I've used a while also. I am trying to figure out "who" and "where," exactly, "United States" is! About once a day, plain old "United States" comes for a visit... and today, that drove me nuts... and up to N.C., apparently, to discover Valdese. I live in Marlinspike Hall, deep, deep in the TĂȘte de HergĂ© -- no matter where Feedjit says I am! I've listed you on my blog, as I am fairly enchanted by Pickles the Dog...