Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stuff Around The House #6 - shadows on a table

This is number six in my probably never ending series of stuff around the house. I have a fairly liberal interpretation of "stuff".

This is just a shadow, light coming thru a window filtered by a plant, creating a small design on our dining room table.

Light is a funny thing. It's like it plays games with you sometimes - a little taunting here I am, see if you can see me hide & seek kind of game. If you don't see it, it's as if it were never there, because it's very fleeting.

It will never be repeated exactly.

The earth rotates and shifts on its axis, so the angle the sun stikes the window everday will be ever so slightly different. Or perhaps someone will have bumped the table and nudged it to a slightly different position (that's right Pickles the Dog, I'm talking about you). Or there may be clouds tomorrow. Or someone could move the plant slightly. There are tons of variables that make the light you see right this instant, so fleeting, and so unique.

So, I took a picture & posted it.


The Author said...

Wow, the shadows are amazing and to think they are changing all the time. No telling what designs you'll have next. I really enjoyed the photo.

TrishaRitchieNC said...

Poor Pickles gets blamed again; well, she did go through the window today - guess she deserves a bad "rap"!

A Valdese Blogger said...

mountain woman: Thanks, sometimes I think about stuff like that. Glad you liked the picture

trishritchienc: That Pickles the Dog is such a card. Wonder what other emergencies she'll think up next.