Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally - what caused my computer problems

Well, Acutiva sent out a message and finally I know what caused my computer viruses/trojans/malware that kept me busy for a week.

It seems all these nasty things were downloaded whenever you supersized a picture.  One of the neat things about Auctiva is not only free image hosting & free scheduling, but it also automatically supersizes images for you, free of charge.  All you had to do was click on it, and you got a large picture.  For the longest time eBay charged 75 cents for that.  

This explains why Patti Anne's computer worked fine, and mine was in a struggle for it's life.  Patti Anne did not supersize anything, and I'm sure I did, probably more than once.  I'm a visual person, I love pictures.  The bigger the better - I love the detail of them and I like to provide the ability to supersize pictures to my customers.  I think it gives me an advantage over those that don't.

But this may mean that anybody who supersized any pictures I listed (or that anyone else listed from Auctiva) from Friday afternoon till Saturday afternoon (the 20th & 21st), got a bug.   I didnt list anything that Friday, but I did that Saturday & it was later Saturday was when I thought we were going to have to break down and take the computer to a geek.  It was pretty bad. 

So, that was it.  Supposedly it's all fixed now.  I haven't used Auctiva since Saturday the 21st, but I'll probably start again on Monday.

In the meantime, I'm learning all about FireFox & Opera.


Anonymous said...

Wouldya just use FF and Opera from now on, or not? (ha ha!) Well, hopefully, the Auctiva folks will work on having everything working just right from now on!

A Valdese Blogger said...

Well, I'm finding they each have some quirks. I could not print off a post office shipping label with Opera, for example. Little things like that. But I kind of like Opera.

Anonymous said...

yes, my husband had a nightmare time with that too. His laptop came up with all sorts of warnings every time he tried to use Auctiva, so he stayed away, but it meant he could do nothing for a few days.