Friday, February 27, 2009

IE, Firefox & Opera.

So, I'm gun shy around IE now.  I actually like it, I guess because of inertia more than anything. I'm used to it, I've used it for years, I have everything just the way I like it.  But, since it's all I've used, I'm sure I don't know any better.
So, to try to cut down on malware sneaking past this toothless pit bull of a firewall I have, I downloaded firefox, whatever the latest version was.  It's ok - but my fonts changed, it did some weird importation thing with all my favorites in "links", and it seemed to have major issues working with entrecard.   But, I was adjusting, it seemed to load faster, and it is quite acceptable.
Ms. O.D.  recommended Opera, so I tried that, and that is what I'm typing this little message on right now.   It seems to work fine - I especially like the speed dial part of it.  And I've been using Opera more than FF the last couple of days.  There are things that are different, little adjustments to make, but so far it seems to be working well.  One adjustment in Opera is that the spell checker on blogspot doesn't work too well.  That's something I need.  I once didnt get a job in part because I wasn't sure if it was "en lieu" or "en leiu".   I'm pretty sure it's "en lieu". But I digress.
So, today is the first day in a week without some sort of trojan, virus or other malware being discovered by my anti-virus software.   I continue to run MBAM and Windows Defender, and I'll do a complete Norton scan this weekend.  They're coming up clean so far.  That is good.


Anonymous said...

That title sounded like a good adventure series, or a Jeopardy question. Congrats about the error-free days!

Ms. O. D. said...

Hi Valdese, I hope you like Opera. I find it does a better job at openining up numerous and numerous amounts of webpages in tabs.

But for the most part I use firefox, I have some plugins that I like under firefox (like the entrecard plugin/addon and a digg plugin and google notebook). That's what I miss in Opera. And I notice a few sites where the entrecard won't appear in Opera, probably the way the site is made, not sure. But all in all, I like Opera and how it became dedicated for my entrecard dropping.

Anyway, The Hawg has a recent post writing a sort of review of Google's Chrome browser... and diatribe against firefox's recent developments. :)