Saturday, March 7, 2009

Annapolis, Maryland

These are a couple of pictures I took in Annapolis, Maryland a few years ago.  Annapolis is the state capitol, also home of the US Naval Academy, and a beautiful place.  These pictures are from the historic section.  I think the street is either East Street, or just off East Street, I can't remember.  If you go to the end and look to the left, you'll be looking directly at the State House.
The posts on the side mark off a small, tree shaded, brick paved public area with a couple of benches for people to sit.  The picture drawn on the side of a building is at one end of that public area.
Annapolis is maybe 30 miles from Baltimore (or maybe not), and not too far at all from Washington, DC - so it's in the midst of a large metropolitan area.   Its a very pretty place, especially when you finally figure your way around.   Somehow, I always managed to find a parking space.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention, a nice place to get married.

A Valdese Blogger said...

As long as you dont let people know the EXACT date!

Anonymous said...

A place where you can park you car? - Ideal!

Rob said...

I live in MD and have ridden my bike into Annapolis over the bridge and it is an awesome view.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Martin: Finding "free" parking in Annapolis, especially in the historic section, is not always an easy task. But - it can usually be done if you're tenacious enough.

Rob: I lived in Maryland for many years and I like Annapolis a lot. I used to go in what I called the back way - and it was a very nice view.