Sunday, July 5, 2009

Until today

The last few days, until today, we've had what passes for cool weather in North Carolina in the summer time.   I think it stayed in the 80's, and there seemed to be a breeze blowing.  This gave the illusion of lower than normal humidity, especially if you're sitting in the shade.  If you were to grab a person from out west and plunk them on our front porch in Valdese, they would beg to differ about the humidity situation.  But it's all relative.  All in what you're used to. 

Anyway, we (and I include Pickles the goofy dog) manage to engage in our favorite past time of sitting on the porch and watching the birds every afternoon.

Here are some birds we know of that we've seen on our property:  doves, blue birds, cardinals, crows, purple martins, brown thrasher (we think), robins, hawks (one caught some little mouse like animal almost right in front of us the other day), finches, mocking birds, at least 3 kinds of woodpeckers, a heron (believe it or not), blue jay, barn swallows, flocks of black birds that arent crows but we dont know what they are, we heard an owl once after dark (didn't see it).  There are probably others, neither of us are bird experts by any stretch.   For the most part these are just your normal every day blue collar working birds.

They make a ton of noise during the day.  It's nice to have them around.


patti anne said...

Well, the weather coming up this week will make up for it! Low 90's with plenty of drippy, sweaty humidity!

Ivanhoe said...

Guys, you have to start taking pictures of them so we can see them as well :o)
It's unseasonably "cooler" here in Ohio as well.

Wendy said...

It stayed in the 80s? That is lovely. Here in Houston we've been having heat indexes near 110. On Sunday morning the wind kicked up for a little while & just having it blow the humidity out for a little while was lovely. I think we're back to stagnant steam bath air today, though.