Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watching People Work

Today we loaded up as usual to go to the post office - well a little earlier than usual because we didn't do any eBay listing because I had to take care of a little screw up I caused on Tuesday. But, to quote my previous post, that's not what this post is about. Just a little word of advice - when you go to a doctor & they write some prescriptions, make sure you've got them all before you leave.


We loaded up EARLIER than usual to head to the post office. Patti Anne volunteered to take the mail in this time and it involved a trip to the counter so I figured we had a few minutes. So I took Gnarls Barkley and walked around some. Valdese is building a new town hall just south of the post office, so Pickles and I watched them work for a minute or two.

Watching other people work is a time-honored tradition in American society. I highly recommend it, especially when heavy equipment and ditches are involved. Its a lot more fun to watch it than to actually do it. I speak from experience, based on my short tenure as a landscape laborer many, many years ago. Pickles did seem more interested in dirt clods though. She's a dog, what can you do?

After that we walked across St. Germain, Pickles jumped up on a wall next to the Waldensian museum and we sat there watching traffic go by until Patti Anne returned. It was great fun. Tails were wagged.


Me-Me King said...

I'm an eBay Seller too - ID: Gasguage. This is really one of these reasons I dropped Entrecard. Thanks for stopping by today, I'll be sure to keep in touch.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Good luck with your eBay sales - it's more work than most people realize.

Heather said...

Awww, quality time with Pickles. Sometimes it is nice to step back and just watch.

linlah said...

Ah the days of leaning on a shovel and pretending to be engaged in conversation about some important part of digging the ditch. Good times. :)

Patti Anne said...

It was way too COLD for those guys to be leaning on a shovel and watching, linlah! They'd freeze unless they kept moving!

I thought the "tails were wagging" part was great. Pickles can wag hers, can you? I guess!

In the meantime, I thought it was funny that the PO clerk laughed when she saw me, because I'm the one handing her those little yellow tickets - again!