Saturday, October 16, 2010

One of those days

Today I woke up early, feeling ill, a little stomach bug.   This is the first time since April, and it's not as bad as it was in April.  So, once every 6 months - is that normal? 

I had things I wanted to do today.  There is a church sale and a boy scouts sale going on downtown, and I wanted to check them out.  I'm always on the lookout for books, and of course the ever possible "objects de arte", such as a small horseshoe rocking chair we bought the other day, suitable for sitting out with all our other "objects de arte" on some bricks near our bird bath.  I'll take a picture someday.  But instead I'm sitting around the house taking it easy, on this sunny but crisp autumn day. 

It seems I may actually survive once again.   I need to figure out something to eat that won't make matters worse, because, though I'm not 100% sure, I think I'm hungry.  Symptoms of hunger may be masked by symptoms of mild agony, never can tell.


Anonymous said...

You want some agony, I'll show you some agony. LOL!

A Valdese Blogger said...

Anon: Mild I hope. Of course, define mild.