Monday, November 8, 2010

A word about my previous post

In my previous post I wrote about once again dealing with a "Rogueware" caused by a Trojan Horse of some sort.  I just want to clarify a couple of things.

This seemed to happen while I was dropping on blogs via Entrecard.  I don't know that entrecard or the blog I was dropping on had anything to do with my problems, it's just what I was doing when this happened.  I've had this happen 3 times in the last year or so, and at least 2 of those times I was dropping when the problems first showed themselves.

Resident Shield is a valid part of my AVG, but I don't know that what it was displaying (Trojan Horse Dropper.Generic2) was valid.  That whole situation, frankly, is very confusing to me.

Things seem to still be stable, so that's good.  Basically I booted in safe mode, did a system restore & ran  scans.  I don't know if this actually fixed anything or if it is just masking the problem.  There could be stuff lurking out there that nothing is picking up. 

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Anonymous said...

As I commented before - many folks have complained about the crap they pick up using EC - that's why a lot of folks have dropped them. That and all the nonsense one has to go through to maintain. Most of the time you don't pick up any readers - just fly-bys. Drop and go. Phooey, who needs it.