Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lightening Thoughts

How many thoughts can I think of in 5 mins?  Here goes.

I notice I put my left shoe on before my right shoe in the morning.  I forced myself to put my right shoe on first this morning & it felt weird.  I'm right handed, so I don't understand.

Today I realized that I've lived in Valdese, NC for so long that I think Hickory - 20 miles east and 10 times larger - is a big city.

Dogs, bless their hearts, are dumb.  And the human race is better off because of it.

I mowed grass a few days ago.  Now the grass is growing again. Argggh.

I had a dream within a dream last night.  I'd wake up and say I had a strange dream and someone else would say, "that was me, I caused you to have that dream".  I watched all this from a corner of a room & never questioned why someone would be sitting at the edge of my bed directing my dreams.  Dreams are like that.

If I could type faster, I could probably write more stuff. 

And I hate it when I have a minute to go and I can't think of anything. 

Times up.


Karen said...

Wow! You are being a deep thinker! Just kidding. LOL

linlah said...

Limit yourself to 30 seconds, added pressure might help.

Patti Anne said...

3,000 thoughts a day...???

A Valdese Blogger said...

Karen: Yep, I think like a rock.

linlah: 30 second lightening thoughts. Maybe.....

Patti Anne: Seems more like 30,000