Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Thoughts Post

I've been a bit slow about about posting in this blog lately.  Nothing burnin a hole in my mind I suppose, but if I'm going to keep it, I should post something once in awhile.

Pickles the Dog is coming up on her 4th birthday.  We're not actually sure when she was born, but we knew roughly how old she was when we got her, so we just agreed on Sept 1 as a bithdate.  No party is planned, she's a dog and she doesn't care. 

Pickles is funny tho.  If you wake her up, she immediately runs to a window and looks out, as if we've caught her goofing off on the job or something. 

Pickles has to work for her treats.  She has to sit, give me a paw, then lay down, then jump up form a prone position.  The jump up doesn't count unless both rear paws leave the floor.  She seems to love it.

Most of the country has been through a long and brutal heat wave this summer.  In my little slice of North Carolina, it's been a pretty normal summer, temperature wise.  That means, it's been pretty brutal until fairly recently, with enough heat and humidity to drown a mule.

I do not listen music enough. 

Saturday I finally conquered the weed eater.  I seem to have trouble with machinery.  Its strange, because I've held jobs in the past that required a very complex and/or abstract level of thinking, but please dont ask me to start anything by pulling a chord, or do anything that requires mechanical precision.  It will not end well.  But Saturday was a breakthrough - I successfully installed a new spindle of string.  Just like a big boy.

It would be nice to get paid for reading - as long as it's not Kafka.

I learned today that State Highway 80 in Kentucky is the state's longest highway, stretching from Pikeville in the east to Paducah in the west.  That's a long ways. There's a new highway 80 running through Knott County now, but when I was young it was Hindman's Main Street, and a two lane twisty curvy mountain road,  by far the best road in the county.  I never knew it went all the way from Pikeville to Paducah.

I finished reading Valley of Horses by Jean Auel, and all I can say is lawsy, that ol' Jondalar.

All for now.

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