Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Dogs of South Avenue, an update

I posted an entry awhile back about the dogs of South Avenue, (only two of whom actually live on South Avenue) and this is just an update. I know a little more now than I did then about these creatures.

Lets see, theres Black Dog, Ol' Black, the dog that looks like Black Dog, Mean Dog, the Rottweiler, snack dogs, etc.

Black Dog's name is Polly, and she is 12 years old. She barks at Pickles Anne (our blue tick/lab mix), but who can blame her? She's fairly mellow, part of that I'm sure comes from being old. Polly's house is right on the corner of South Avenue and our road & we have to slow down to make that turn. She's usually lying in the yard, being all mellow and all. Well, one day when we were returning from our sojourn to the post office with me, Pickles & Patti Anne in the front seat of the truck, windows rolled down, I slowed to make that turn and Pickles Anne the dog jumped out of that window. We couldnt believe it. She was on a leash, which Patti Anne bravely held on to, the truck was still moving (I stopped it quickly - but smoothly, I must say), and this crazy dog just jumps out of it. Polly, who I'd never seen move before, jumped up and started barking. Pickles, who for some reason was unharmed, stood there and barked back. Lord what an idiot. But Polly's pretty cool.

Now when we approach Polly's house, Patti rolls her window up, and Pickles sits down and stares intently, looking for black dog.

I think I know where Black lives now, and sometimes he wonders are around the corner of one of our neighbor's sheds and barks at us. He'll never come any further tho.

I don't know too much about the dog who looks like black dog (black dog, who is really back and brown, is Polly). The dog who looks like black dog, really does looks like black dog, but isnt.

Mean dog isnt really that mean. I think he's just crazy.

The Rottweiler's name is Skipper, and his owner's back yard collides with our back yard. Pickles has regular, almost daily play sessions with Skipper now. Skipper the dog is good natured, which is a good thing cause he could eat Pickles up and have plenty of room for dessert. He weighs 110 lbs, Pickles maybe weighs 50 or so. Anyway they have a large fenced in area where they can play, and tho Pickles is more manueverable, Skipper is definately the stronger of the two, and much more dominant.

There are a couple of other dogs that come roaming thru our field every now and then. One only has 3 legs, the other looks exactly like him, except he has 4 legs. I'm not sure if they are friendly or not, and I'm not sure its a good idea to let a couple of large dogs roam the neighborhood.

Oh, gray cat's name is Emma Lou, still don't know Basset Hound's name. One of the snack dogs (Yorkie's) name is Rocky, can't remember the other. Pickles likes the other one, but Rocky's a tough guy, for a snack dog.

There are other quadropeds in the neighborhood - white dog, Huffman's dog, a couple of cats that live in the basement next door (we could use a good barn cat).

This is the extent of my knowledge to date. I'll keep ya posted.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you almost forgot - the little white poodle that got bitten by 3-leg and 4-leg team. She barked at Pickles and I this morning from the safety of her living room.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Oh yeah. White dog.