Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting a haircut

Like everybody else in creation, I have my concerns and worries. But one thing I will never have to worry about, is losing my hair. I am NOT going bald, take my word for it. I have plenty of thick hair that won't stop growing. Unless I contract some sort of illness or have to take some sort of medication that causes me to lose my hair, going bald is not even on my list of concerns. For whatever reason, just the luck of DNA I guess, I will not be going bald in this lifetime.

My problem is, I hate to get haircuts. I tend to let it go too long, to put it off a lot longer than I should. Well today, I finally had to face reality, and the fact that I'm not a kid, and go get a haircut.

So, I went to a place in Morganton, I like to go to. It's just down the road and they're usually not too busy and usually I come out of there looking fairly normal (at least for me). But I could feel tension building in me as I was driving over there. It's not quite as bad as going to the dentist, but it's up there. I was dreading it.

I wonder what it must be like cutting hair for a living. Touching people's heads, being so close to their ears, hands in their hair. It's not quite as intimate as a pat-down in an airport security checkpoint, but it's a bit more intimate than I care to be with strangers. And from their point of view, they're dealing with whoever walks in off the street. Ya never know what you're gonna get. Ever so often they get me.

Also, I'm not a talkative guy - it takes a lot of energy and effort for me to hold a conversation with someone I dont know, especially when they're hovering about my head with sharp instruments. Most people seem to have no problem with this, but I do. The conversation just kind of flows around me when I'm getting my hair cut. Usually there's a comment about the thickness and/or length of my hair, and that's about all the conversation they get out of me. Instead whoever's cutting my hair tends to get involved in the conversation going on next to them. Or in the case of today, going on across the room from them. This is all I remember of it: "Caint hardly afford it", and "See y'all later". Oh, and a couple of old guys arguing politics. It would have been like an old time barber shop, if it were an old time barber shop.

Add it to the list of things I don't like. Computers, cars, haircuts.


Anonymous said...

You love computers and cars, just not haircuts. But you look right good, I must say!

A Valdese Blogger said...


Anonymous said...

Hairdresser's must get sick of talking about the saem things day in day out. Cutting hair is okay, but the small talk would put me off the profession.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Martin: You would think so. My two biggest concerns about being a hairdresser would be the small talk, and cutting somebody's ear off. In that order.

j said...

I just got my first haircut in ten months (I also have a lot of hair, so my haircuts take forever, especially when it's been almost a year). I put it off for a lot of reasons, but one of them is the pressure to make conversation. So I understand. This time I listened to the salon owner talk with another customer about how the economy was affecting her business. And my stylist seemed quite comfortable with our shared silence, thank goodness.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Jennifer: I share the sentiment. I'm much happier when the person cutting my hair is talking to someone else. Having to make conversation with a stranger is a very good reason to procrastinate.