Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Thinking

Been watching the playoffs off and on between the Rays & Rangers.  Most of what we watch on TV we record with the DVR, then watch it later & flip thru the commercials.  This is live, and I now realize how much I enjoy not watching commercials. 

I helped Patti Anne hang some blinds.  Which is to say I hung the blinds, but it was her idea, she managed the project, bought the material & was the driving force behind it. She created a little template that showed me where to drill the holes - but I'm tall and she's not, so I got the honors of doing the labor.  I've always hated blinds, because it seems like everything has to be exact.  Holes have to be drilled, there's strings, and hooks & things that remind me of wires.  I don't like wires, and strings &  anything you have to pull, and exactness is not my strong point.

Another trip to Lowe's this morning, not to be confused with Lowes.  Lowe's is a large home improvement store, Lowes is a grocery store.  Neither of them sell anything fun.  Except I'm sure Lowes sells various forms of chocolate.

Still reading Life: A User's Manual by Georges Perec.  I've just finished the chapters which detail the contents of the Altamont's & Gratiolet's cellars.  I had no idea there was that much wine in the world.  That takes me up to page 175 or so, with about 400 pages to go.  Slow going, but I'll get there.  Next book will be a tad more linear.

Time to sit on the porch for awhile, listen to some birds.  Another beautiful, warm October day in Valdese.  This warm weather necessitated a rare Saturday grass mowing.  I usually don't mow grass on weekends, mostly because I don't have to, but yesterday was a nice day for mowing and it was time so I just did it.  I expect I'm going to have to mow once more this year, then that'll be it.  It's quite a bit of grass to mow - I use a John Deere riding mower with a 48 inch deck, and it takes 2 hrs or more to get it all done.

I like TweetDeck.  I just create a column and search on #alds & I'm kept pretty much up to date on the game, in Spanish as well as English, with occasional random thoughts thrown in.


Patti Anne said...

You're my tall hero!

Heather said...

SO sweet of you to help out. I'm not to good at getting things straight either.

Wish I only had one more mow left, I think it's going to be more like 4 more here.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Patti Anne: Thanks, anytime.

Heather: Probably should have 2 more mowings here at least, but I'm going to try to get away with one. Maybe none. No reason to be a fanatic about it, is my philosophy.