Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Day The Beagles Came

It was two days ago, or was it three. It was a day like any other summer day - hot, humid, sultry, the neighborhood seething with Hitchcocksian mystery, when suddenly, Pickles went ballistic. Barking at the front door, then running full steam into the office, slamming into the window, howling, running into the laundry room, then the back door, then the front door to perform the sequence again. Patti & I were doing what we normally do, struggling with humanity, trying to reach out thru the ether and grab someone and make them buy something from us. And pay for it too. I leaned back in my chair, turned ever so slightly and looked out the window, and that's when I saw it: There were BEAGLES in the yard.

Pickles was still going ballistic - she wanted to play. But the Beagles paid no attention. In a few minutes they loped over to the neighbors place, and that seemed to placate Pickles and after awhile she fell asleep, having expended a tremendous amount of barking energy.

There were 4 of them, and they didnt stay at the neighbors long. They came back, but Pickles snoozed on blissfully unaware. At the time I didnt think to give them names, but now I know who they were. They were John, Maureen, Penny & Will. John was the biggest of the bunch and seemed to be taking care of the others. Maureen was a recent mother, and Penny & Will were puppies - not young pups, somewhat older pups, but pups just the same. They were friendly, and pretty dogs, and they were Lost in Valdese.

They seemed ready to settle down in our yard. Its a safe place, we're back from the road, and we have a lot of trees and shade, which is nice on a hot day.

Patti took them out some water. I said, "Patti - haven't we learned anything from Pickles? We feed Pickles & give her water and now look - she won't leave! We're making the same mistake!" But she gave them some water anyway, and John came over and checked her out. They seemed to appreciate it.

I'm not exactly sure when, but a couple of hours later, the Beagle family Robinson went back over to the neighbors yard, and from there to points unknown. I hope they made it home ok.


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Love you blog, Leo!

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Thanks, anonymous