Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fire in the sky keeps on burnin',, my wife, and the dog were sitting on the porch, watching a storm blow over. It was so humid, oppressively hot, even the pup was listless. We were passing the time watching the lightening and counting the seconds till we hear the thunder. I was looking at the field that is our front yard, which I had finished mowing this afternoon, still aggravated that a storm came up yesterday while I was mowing, raining just long enough and hard enough to keep me from finishing then. I wasn't exactly admiring the field, I was pretty much doing some forward procrastination, thinking ahead of time of excuses for putting off the next mowing. Proactive procrastination. Take that, Steven Covey! You can shift your paradigm where the sun don't shine.

Anyway, we're lulling away the time in that happy state, when two lightening bolts burst from the sky to the ground, just over the hill. The thunder that followed was very loud and immediate, increasing the nervousness of dog, wife and self. We decided to adjourn to the indoors, to withdraw ourselves from nature, to find joy and commune with the air-conditioning, since for some reason we still had power. The storm blew over, not a drop of rain.

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