Monday, July 21, 2008

A Useless Thought

I found a dime under my keyboard today. I didnt know it was there, I dont know how long it had been there. It was completely unaccounted for. It is now in my pocket, and may be spent someday, but how many other dimes are there that I dont know about? And quarters, nickles, pennies, even dollar bills? And its not jut me I'm sure - how many billions of dollars are under keyboards, chair cushions, on the ground, where ever, and not accounted for? No one knows about them. Say......what I could do with a piece of that, see. It's like this I tell ya........ (I've been watching too many old movies).

On to another useless thought. It would be neat if I could get everybody in America to send a dollar to my PayPal account. Heck, I'd settle for everyone in North Carolina. Shoot, everyone in Valdese would be a good start. Now, I do sell stuff online, and I do have repeat customers, so there is a small minority out there who are doing their part, doing more than their part, and for that I thank them. But how to get everyone else? A dollar per family unit would be fine. I reckon I just gotta do some figurin'. Just cipher on it awhile. Wake me up when the possum's cooked.

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