Friday, August 29, 2008

Ah....a luna moth

I espied this little feller on a tree next to my drive way. Patti Anne, who knows these things, tells me its a luna moth, and I don't need to worry about it ripping out my jugular vein. It's just a big ol' light green thing, and was in no hurry. Plenty of time to stare at it and go get the camera and take a picture. Cause they last longer.
It's really quite pretty.

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Kilandra said...

They are quite pretty, I love nature, but yes... about that jugular ripping thing. Once at girls camp (I was a camp director for 9 years) one flew in and landed right in the middle of our picnic table and sent the girls screaming and fleeing. Quite funny now actually, but boy, it wasn't so hillarious when I had girls running off through the woods and tripping over roots and rocks near the fire pit. heh ahem. Anyway, very nice photo :)