Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just a minor rant

I think the Olympics are over. I didnt really follow it, my wife recorded a bunch of it on the DVR & would replay it & fast foward thru stuff she wasnt interested in, and I pretty much watched whatever she did. This post is not about the Olympics, per se, but about an issue that bothers me that I once again ran across in the Olympics. This one is the "Redeem Team". I dont like the "redeem team". Well, the team itself is ok, I'm sure they're all fine young men, I dont like the name someone came up for it. It's irritating. When they first allowed professionals (by USA's definition anyway) into the Olympics the men's basketball team was called the "Dream Team", a bunch of NBA all-stars. I guess they lost a couple of games back in 2004 (again, I really don't follow), so this time they were the "Redeem Team". I wonder how many more words they are going to find that rhyme with team to describe a basketball team.

Many years ago I found myself in Northwest Indiana, sick as a dog, during the final week of the NBA championships. This was when the Chicago Bulls were a dominant team, and they had won two previous championships. All week, when I was strong enough to crawl in front of a TV, I kept hearing about "three-peat". And when they won, that was the 2nd or 3rd word out of everybody's mouth, at least on TV. Three-peat. A made up word that I guess was supposed to sound catchy or cute. (Did I just use cute?). Well, Chicago at least is like that. They call their city Chicago-land. Chicago-land (the dash is mine) extends well beyond the city, I'm sure it includes 1/4th of Indiana, half of Illinois, and portions of Wisconsin and Iowa. And they use it like it was the most normal concept in the world, like no one realizes anyone would think any differently. It sounds strange & made up to anyone who does not live in the Chicago area. Chicago-land. I'm so glad I don't live there.

Anyway, if the men's basketball team wins the Olympic Gold medal in 2012, are we going to have to listen to the possibility of the "redeem team" three-peating in 2016?


Jesse Frederick said...

I can relate with your ranting. I wouldn't know about the Bulls, even though I live in Illinois (extreme-team southern IL). I am a Houston Rockets fan, simply because I like Olajouwan and Drexler and am still loyal.

I enjoy your rants. Keep it up! But maybe 2012 they'll say something like "Extreme Team" because of all the tatoos. That's all I know about basketball much anymore, tatoos is in. Thank you Rodman. (Now I'm ranting.)

Anyway, great blog and keep it coming!

A Valdese Blogger said...

Thanks for your comments & compliments. I'll check out your blog too - thanks!