Monday, August 11, 2008

Its late, I'm tired, but...

Thank you all for the comments on my previous post. That was really nice. I've been really busy the last couple of days, and havent had time to enlighten the planet with my insights, minute though they may be. I'm sure the planet is no worse for it. I've got some more language thoughts, for a later post.

A few post earlier I alluded to a momentous event in Valdese, I need to write about that, not now, but soon. Also, how could I not mention the founders day celebration, I need to write about that too. So if you've put a & b together, you now realize that I dont consider the founders day celebration to be the momentous event in Valdese. It is a big deal for a little town tho.

So, if I can get it done before I fall asleep, I'll mention an incident with Pickles the Dog. Please forgive typos and grammar (that goes without saying, I mean I try but lordy, please, it's English). About 10 days ago, My wife, Pickles the Dog and I piled into the pickup to head to the Post Office. It was our daily trip to ship out items we'd sold and pick up anything anyone cared enough to send us. Along the way, down on Praley Avenue, just before you get to the railroad tracks, (you all know where that is), we came up on some industious City of Valdese folk (or was it Duke Power?) trimming tees. As we passed the noise from a chain saw scared Pickles (aka the dog) and sent her burrowing into the floor of the truck. Now, every time we pass that paticular place, she jumps from the front seat & lays (or is it lies - see, grammar) on the floor. She makes that trip almost every day, there's not been any tree cutting there since, but she still seems to be scared when we pass it. In fact she dives to the floor every time. So I dont know about Pickles the Dog. What goes on in her little dog brain.

Ok, I have to go to bed. Coming up tho: The momentous occurance in Valdese, Some Founders Day Observations, and another language thought or two. Maybe I'll read Huck Finn again.

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