Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nice View

It's rained a lot here the last couple of days. While walking the dog this morning, I saw water standing where I had never seen it before, and water flowing thru drainage ditches that have always been dry.

Then, as happens so often, the rain stopped.

Then, as predictable as anything, the wind began blowing - hard.

Then, right on schedule, the temperature dropped 20 degrees or so.

And that all set the stage for a beautiful view. I can see the mountains from the parking lot of the scariest place in Valdese, the Food Lion supermarket. I can see them from a lot of other places too. The rain and the wind had really cleared the air - it was dry & there was no haze and you could see everything very clearly.

So I looked. And was reminded once again of how big, beautiful, rugged and dangerous the mountains are. I'm always surprised. They are not very far away, but, as anyone who takes a little trip up to Table Rock will attest, it's a completely different world.

Or maybe they won't attest. I can't speak for humanity.

You can see Table Rock clearly from Valdese (as you're heading into town on Praley, just look to the left as you cross St. Germain), but it is a completely different place.

Chew on that, bigfoot.


Ivanhoe said...

So where are your photos? I want to see it, too :o)

TrishaRitchieNC said...

Yeah, we've not taken any pictures yet from the parking lot at Food Lion. We'll have to make some. Also, the best view of all is from Galaxy's lot where you can see Table Rock. Wonder why the founding Father's didn't take that into account when they laid out the town?

None said...

I love Tables!

A Valdese Blogger said...

All: Thanks for the comments! I'll have to either dig up some pictures or go take another one...