Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Trip To Food Lion

I made a short trip to Food Lion today, not a major shopping trip, just a trip to pick up a few items to make it thru the next couple of days. Nothing eventful happened, at least not for most people. For me, its always an event.

I seem to be hyper-aware of people around me when I walk into the store (any store, not just FL). So I found myself in my usual situation, trying to get in there and out of there as quickly as possible, while seemingly being followed or bumping into random assorted people. But they were all the same random and assorted people. I was constantly getting in someone's way, or someone was getting in my way, or someone was standing where I wanted to be and so on.

I felt like screaming - "Leave me alone, I just want some Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips!!!!" But I refrained. This is North Carolina, someone might have up and shot me. I can hear it now, "That boy had it comin', he was actin' all quare like". (Bless his heart).

So I didnt scream, but I did stop and think about it for a second. Just paused in the middle of an aisle and let the fine citizens of the greater Valdese area pass me by. I felt that I was in some quirk of the cosmos, that's why this old guy seemed to be everywhere I was, every aisle, every place, following in my footsteps. Perhaps I was in the cusp of an alternate universe. So, I decided I had to break whatever cosmic cycle I had stumbled into, and I did that by going and buying laundry soap. I had no intention of buying laundry detergent, but I figured that if I did something seemingly random, that might change the whole tenor of the place.

It didnt. As I was standing in line to check out the old guy came up behind me, said excuse me and grabbed a Mountain Dew out of the cooler next to me. Then he left. I reckon the cosmic cycle was making a statement. It isnt that easy to break.


TrishaRitchieNC said...

Maybe you should shop at Galaxy instead? Got it? Galaxy? LOL.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Yeah, for the Fresh Air.