Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Few Words About Wordless Wednesday

I don't really participate, but I could not help noticing. If you post a picure, then write a caption explaining the picture, doesnt that defeat the purpose?


Ms. O. D. said...

LOL!!! I just had to laugh and let you know!

Anonymous said...

that's why I title mine as (Not So) Wordless Wednesday LOL.
Most pics I find do need some sort of explanation. But also if you do a PPP you have to have a regular post both before and after your PPP. If you just post a pic for a WW post they won't allow it, but if you put at least a little bit of text to go with the pic it's ok.

Those are my reasons :)

Anonymous said...

no more meatless Tuesdays...we got wordless

signed, LB

A Valdese Blogger said...

Thanks for your comments - glad to make you laugh ms. orange, & thanks for the explanation jolene, I honestly didnt know. Hard to have wordless Wendesday when words are required to post a wordless item. Meatless Tuesday? Reminds me of the old cartoon where the Flea is getting ready to make a Dog Sandwich. "Scwatching scwatching scwatching"