Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adding up the miles

Today we ran into "Lucky" the Basset hound who could give Pickles the Dog barking lessons, and Ena the Pug. 

Any, 3.5 miles today.

April Dog Walking totals:  58.2 miles.


Ivanhoe said...

Wow! You take quite a nice walks. We do about a mile a day during work week, double on the weekends.

Oh yeah, we have a barker in our neighborhood as well. It's an English Spaniel (who's never walked so no wonder there's energy piled up in him) and he barks and barks and barks...all times of night & day. I'm surprised that nobody complained to city hall yet :o)

A Valdese Blogger said...

Howdy. I posted this in the wrong dog-gone blog!! Yep - I walk the dog in a (mixed success) effort to tire it out.