Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cell Phone Service in Valdese

Today we don't seem to have cell phone service.  Last night storms blew through the area, nothing too terrible for us, just heavy rain, thunder and lightening.  No nasty tornadoes like in Tennessee.  It seems that it did damage the communications tower closest to us, however.  So early this evening we (and when I saw we, I include the dog) drove out to Connelly Springs, where the communication tower is working beautifully, and assured ourselves that our cell phones were not the problem.    Supposedly we shouldn't have to do something like that, we should just be able to turn the phones off and back on & it should grab a signal from the closest functioning tower.  But that wasn't working.   Just goes to show ya.
It was interesting driving through Valdese at sunset on a Saturday.   Valdese the town is a pretty laid back place, all in all.  Main street however, is just that, main street - Rt. 70 is a major state road going to Hickory and points east, and probably heads into Asheville and points west.  There is a lot of traffic, and I would not call Rt. 70 a laid back road.   But on this Saturday afternoon it was, at least in Valdese.

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